Lest Best will close temporarily from Monday March 16, 2020


To limit the consequences of the current threat of the Corona virus, Lest Best will immediately stop teaching. All Lest Best students have been informed about this.


The situation is reassessed every week and then will be determined whether the lessons can be restarted. We will inform you as soon as more is known about the situation or if there are changes in our policy.


For more information see our news page.


Learn Dutch and 'inburgeren'


Why would you learn Dutch, when everyone in the Netherlands speaks English?


Anyone who has learned Dutch can tell you so. If you speak the language, you will find your way in Dutch society more easily and you will feel at home faster.


Our courses are not only about learning Dutch, but also about the Dutch culture. There are courses at all levels from absolute beginners to C1 level.

Why Lest Best?

Small groups (6-12)

The maximum number of students in our courses is 12. In this way we can give you plenty of attention and personal feedback. 

Focus on speaking


During each class speaking is the main activity: replaying dialogues, conversations in pairs and short presentations starting from A2-B1.

A lot of listening and reading


From B1 level there are a lot of reading and listening assignments online.


B2 level in one year


With our intensive program you will attain B2 level after a year. You understand almost everything you hear and read and your writing and speaking skills are good. You also have a broad vocabulary.


After each course we conduct an assessment. Below are various responses from the anonymous evaluations.