Course material

0 to A2-B1

The curriculum of the beginners courses is based on the book and website of Nederlands in Gang, our own study guides, the Quizlet program and our own YouTube channel for grammar. In the A2-B1 course you also do the first two chapters and online assignments of Nederlands in Actie.


B1 and B2

In the B1 courses we use Nederlands in Actie, our own study guides, Quizlet, our own YouTube channel for grammar, sample exams for program I and additional online reading and listening assignments. We use the same material in the B2 courses, but Nederlands op Niveau as course book.


Exam training

In the exam training you practice recent sample exams, supplemented with additional online reading and listening assignments. 


B2/C1 Speaking & Writing and Reading & Listening

The B2/C1 courses are based on our own study guide, supplemented with online material.


Conversation lessons

In the conversation lessons you get a theme for each lesson, along with vocabulary and assignments.