Dutch for medical doctors, pharmacists and dentists (preparation for the AKV test)

During this course you will improve your language proficiency and you will work on increasing your medical, dental or pharmaceutical vocabulary.


You will learn to give a short PowerPoint presentation on a health care subject. And you will learn how to conduct a good doctor-patient conversation, by means of role playing. Furthermore, you will draw out the main meaning of articles and write reports of conversations with patients.


This course prepares you for part A and B of the AKV test for medical doctors, pharmacists and dentists.


Please note:

- Participants need to have completed all the parts of the State Exam II NT2 successfully. Your language level should at least be at level B2/C1.

- Participants first need to follow the course B2/C1 Speaking & Writing to get their language proficiency at a good level. 


The next course Medical Dutch for AKV starts in September. The maximum number of participants is 6.


Number of lessons: 16 (8 weeks)


Course costs:

B2/C1 Speaking & Writing: € 473

Medical Dutch for AKV: € 1.080