COVID-19: Maximum 8 students per group

Due to the Coronavirus, a maximum of 8 students are temporarily placed in a group. This ensures the safety of our students and teachers. An benefit for you as a student is that you will be taught in small groups! Curious about what else Lest Best does to protect your safety? Read our COVID-19 page.
What do you learn in the B2-C1 Dutch course?

Course information: B2-C1 Reading and listening

Reading and listening are the most difficult skills for most language learners. In this course you practice intensively with all kinds of interesting listening fragments and texts at B2 level. This way you improve your listening and reading skills in a short time and you also learn many new words. You discuss the assignments with each other every week.

The course consists of seven lessons. The study load is at least 3 hours per week.

The next group course starts in September.

You can also take this course on an individual basis.

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